GOAL 1: Purchasing two tracts of land in Jasper County

for future worship/ministry initiatives.

Negotiations have been completed on the first tract; the twenty-four acre parcel is a bit bigger than was being sought but the owners made it so financially attractive as to be feasible.  Engineers and land planners contracted to examine every aspect of the purchase are now in the midst of a sixty-day due diligence period; barring something unforeseen, the purchase should be completed in mid-June.  The second site has been identified and will be pursued after securing the first.


GOALS 2 & 3:  Expanding the worship center, constructing a two-story classroom building, adding a perimeter road and more than doubling the amount of parking on the Cross Schools Campus.

Fraser Construction Company has been selected as the design/build contractor.  Site plans are complete; final architectural drawings are to be ready within two weeks; in place is the gap financing needed to fund the total cost of construction over twelve months while pledges are being received over thirty-six months; and a groundbreaking ceremony is being planned for early June.  Dr. Brad Schultz will be arriving on June 1st to assume his role as the Head of Schools for Cross Schools; he’ll join the School just in time to oversee this massive undertaking while preparing for the addition of a high school, starting with a ninth grade perhaps as early as the fall of 2018.


Goal 4. Establish a trust fund for future capital improvements.  

So important is this aspect of the vision that the matching grant stipulates $2,000,000 be designated for it.  While the present implementation of Goals 2 & 3 might capture our attention, the future impact of Goals 1 & 4 will position those who follow to continue our proactive evangelistic efforts. Thus, our collective efforts (to include those of Cross Schools and Cross Outreach Ministries) are captured under the umbrella The Present for The Future.


It is with an attitude of deepest gratitude that we thank those who have already made commitments to support our shared vision for reaching the next generation for Christ.  It is with an attitude of humble expectation that we ask all to join in praying for the Holy Spirit to inspire many more to follow their lead.