469 families have pledged a total of $10,675,015 as of December 31, 2018.

Total donations received as of December 31, 2018: $7,232,033

Abney, Roger

Acker, David and Karen

Adams, Beverley

Adams, John

Adams, John and Roberta

Albert, Gerrit and Leslie

Anderson, Linda


Armstrong, Bruce and Roberta

Baker, Steve and Linda

Baldwin, Ken and Barb

Ballard, Jeff and Joye

Bardon, Barbara

Barone, Doug and Laura

Bartell, Pat

Batten, Wise and Betsy

Becker, Helen

Belmont, Heather

Berglind, Mark and Erin

Berry, Jack and Judy

Bethel, Alan and Carole

Black, Jody

Blackwell, Michael and Genny

Blain, Bill and Connie

Bledsoe, Susan

Bollino, Vince and Fran

Bomia, Mark and Christine

Booher, Bob and Darle

Borcik, Lee

Bothfeld, Bob and Susan

Boulden, Dave and Pat

Bouley, Trish

Boyd, Bill and Kathryn

Boyd, Bill and Marianne

Boyd, Doreen

Boylston, Reid and Louise

Brach, Mitch

Brannen, Perry and Marsha

Brantley, Will and Dee

Breen, Rita

Bridgwater, Sallie

Brooking, Keith and Holly

Brougham-Cook, Heather

Brown, Bob and Laurie

Brown, Stew and Judy

Bryl, Betty

Buckless, Jerry and Ro

Bullock, Jane

Burns, Hope

Burr, Russ and Jane

Burris, Vicki

Byrd, Frank and Joanne

Callahan, George and Bonnie

Campbell, George and Lorraine

Campbell, Lewis and Emily

Cannon, Shirley

Cannon, Tracey

Capuano, Pat and Kathy

Carlson, Brent and Sue

Carlson, Rod and Sheryl

Carnes, Jason and Emily

Carter, Leigh

Cheesman, Jim and Mary Jane

Christopher, Ray and Charla

Ciresi, Lisa

Clark, Lorraine

Clarkson, Amy

Cobb, Erin

Coker, Sylvia

Cole, Brooks and Andrea

Conrad, Tim and Carol

Cook, Bill and Mary Ann

Cook, Ray and Emily

Cooper, Don and Gail

Costa, Louie and Liz

Craven, Steve and Diane

Craver, Ted and Clair

Cronin, Don and Myra

Cuomo, John

Cupit, Craig and Emily

Curcio, Joe and Holly

Cwik, Jane

Cypher, Bob and Kathy

Dafler, Doug and Julie

Dardaris, Kaye

Darr, Richard and Joan

Davis, Bess

Davis, Don and Pam

Day, Sue Ann

De La Torre, Paul and Heather

Deignan, Deborah

Delafosse, Teresa

Deloach, Bratton

Devenish, Bob and Eleanora

DeVilbiss, Ed and Carol

Diener, Chuck and Mary Jane

Donahue, John and Pam

Dorsch, Jim and Melodie

Doty, Guy and Debbie

Drabnis, Tony and Gail

Drake, Bill and Jean

Drury, Dow and Jennifer

Duke, Dusty

Dunkerley, Pat

Dunning, Dan and Marty

DuPont, Jean and Beverly

Durston, Tom

Ebbert, John and Sharon

Edmiston, Charlie and Lois

Edwards, Jim and Kathleen

Ehlers, Bruce and Phyllis

Eisenhardt, Russ and Dixie

Eitel, Paul and Marilyn

Elliott, Ann

Elliott, Todd and Trish

Faas, Bob and Bonnie

Falvo, Anthony and Mary

Fanning, Willy

Faust, Darris

Favata, Teri

Ferguson, Judy

Ferro, Teresa

Ford, Terri

Fraioli, Tony and Jillian

Frankland, Nancy

Fraser, Jay and Laura

Fraser, Joe and Alice

Fratoddi, Max and Pat

Frazier, Tom and Nancy

Freund, Inge

Fuller, Kent and Deb

Gaffga, Len and Cathy

Gainey, Doris

Gale, Gordon and Angela

Garlock, Rich and Kathy

Geary, Carolyn

Gibala, Sara

Godiksen, Carol

Gordon, Dave

Grace, Mike and Risa

Grainger, Rita

Greminger, Gladys

Griffith, Bob and Pat

Groncki, Joe and Bunny

Guardino, Lenny and Sue

Hackett, Susan

Haddock, John and Laurie

Halpin, Carol

Halvorson, Paul and Kaye

Hamilton, James and Rebecca

Hamilton, Jim


Harding, Burt and Letty

Harned, Joan

Harrell, Boo and Cappi

Harrell, Debra

Harris, Kathy

Harris, Richard and Diane

Harris, Sue

Harvey-Sandruck, Joann

Hawks, Jeff and Jan

Hayes, Joan

Heflin, Rob and Nancy

Heightland, Jon and Leyla

Hemeon, Cynthia

Hicks, Josh and Erin

Hildebrand, Bruce and Nancy

Hoag, Max and Sally

Holubowich, Len and Sherry Mende

Homann, Mark and Maria

Homoney, Carole

Horwitz, Michael and Sheryl

Howard, Linda

Hubbard, Terry

Huber, Lyn

Huggins, Tell

Hunter, Leslie

Hurst, Don and Karen

Hyde, Beverly

Jaklin, Roger and Robbin

Jamie, Dave and Linda

Jani, Joe and Meredith Barrett-Jani

Jarvis, Bob and Linda

Jeger, Gary and Dot

Jensen, Charlie and Lynelle

Johnson, Connie

Johnson, Deborah

Johnson, Doris

Johnson, Ed and Cheryl

Johnson, Gail

Johnson, Randy and Deb

Johnson, Regine

Johnson, Shirley

Jones, Tim and Karen

Joseph, Keith and Jane

Judd, Lynn

Kalinowsky, Melissa

Kam, Daniel and Sherryl Hennessey

Kaprive, Lon and Shannon

Kehoe, Don and Linda

Kellogg, Edward and Joyce Humphrey

Kemmerer, Kim and Kathy

Kendall, Tom and Fabia

Kimball, Ann

Kimball, David and Mary Maitland

Kinzie, Dan and Lynn

Kirby, Tony and Fran

Kirk, Autumn

Kirk, Howard and Jan

Kiser, Jim and Debbie

Kiser, Steve and Jane

Kling, Herb and Marianne

Korous, Dorothy

Kovalcik, Matt and Kris

Krawczyk, Lorraine

Kringer, Joe and Carla

Kubelick, Dan and Cindy

Kuenstner, Susan

Lahmann, Joseph and Dot

Laird, Linda

Lanava, Frank and Lucinda

Lee, Jeanne

Leshnock, Bill and Darlene

Lessig, Jack

Leverich, Louise

Libby, Bruce and Marie

Linne, Bonnie

Lister, John and Susan

Litchfield, Bill and Karen

Long, Bob and Trudy

Longo, Paul and Lois Burkin

Louis, Ken and Barbara

Lumpkin, Mike and Ellen

Lyall, Lynn and Gwen

Maddux, Davis and Sheryl

Magliano, Valerie

Maldonado, Rob and Stephanie

Mann, Natalie

Mansfield, Malcolm

Marcinkoski, Martha

Marino, Charlie and Peggy

Markle, Elisabeth

Markwood, Steve and Susan

Martin, Henry

Martin, Jerry and Marilyn

Mason, Sue

Maulden, Michelle

Maybank, Thomas and Liz

Mayher, Frank and Gayle

Mazzuco, Deb

McBarron, Bob and Rosalie

McCarthy, Ryan and Leah

McCormick, Judy

McCracken, Emmett and Teddy

McCracken, Liza

McDonald, Maredo

McGonigal, Gary and Dee

McKillen, Jeff and Jane

McKinlay, John and Sue

Mendenhall, Stephanie

Meyer, Neil and Brycea

Milbert, Tyson and Jenn

Moody, Maury

Moon, Dave and Lynne

Moore, Harry and Linda

Morgan, John and Sandra

Morrow, Linda

Mullholland, Jim and Betty

Mullins, Roberta

Murray, Reade and Joyce

Musselman, Rod and Julie

Myers, Emily

Nimrod, Mark and Donna

North, Al and Diane

North, Rich and Jan

Oberg, Lynn

Ohliger, Bill and Bobbie

Olsen, Bob and Chris

Osler, Barbara

Ott, Ryan and Elizabeth

Owens, Chuck and Becky

Parker, Elaine

Parker, Janie

Parker, John and Elaine

Parkerson, Janet

Patel, Ronak and Valshali

Pelley, Craig and Heather

Pennell, Brian and Michelle

Penwell, Roy and Sandy

Perri, Alex and Kim

Peters, Brenda

Petersen, Pam

Petitt, Jerry and Cindy

Pierson, Dave and Sue

Pike, David and Martha

Pilch, Ray and Jan

Pilgrim, Marv and Diana

Pitcher, Fred and Mary

Pitts, Joe and Jan

Pointon, Bob and Millie

Pope, George and Candace

Post, Colleen

Prehatney, Camille

Pringle, Wyatt

Puro, Angela

Qualey, Jack and Jana

Quam, Mike and Joyce

Ramsay, Al and Fran

Rau, Pat and Susie

Reader, Robert and Gretchen

Reeves, Jerry and Kristy

Reiter, Sandy

Renshaw, Kathy

Riddick, Frank and Carol

Riddle, Jonathan and Lisa

Robinson, Heather

Robinson, Katherine

Rogers, Scott and Merrelyn

Rogers, Vera

Rohrbaugh, Luke

Root, Ken and Rosa

Ross, Jordan and Ali

Roth, Ron and Pat

Roulston, Jeff and Mary Beth

Rowe, Matt and Dana

Ruggles, Fred and Mary Ann

Ryan, Lynn

Sandler, Roger and Jane

Saucier, Dorothy

Savello, Joe and Pat

Scheider, Nancy

Schinnour, Ron and Cathy

Schmidt, Barb

Schmitt, Victoria

Schulz, Joann

Schulze, Dick and Tricia

Scott, Jim and Nancy

Scott, Paul and Barbara

Seckinger, Mark and Valerie

Settle, Summer

Sevier, Kevin and Nikki

Sheil, Kathleen

Shiansky, Nancy

Shifflett, Evangeline

Shirley, Paul and Robyn

Shook, Jay and Sue

Shuttleworth, Marion

Siebers, Karl and Marty

Silvester, Colin and Connie

Simmons, Mill and Rosalie

Simon, Michael and Sonja Wesseler

Simone, Frank and Gini

Simonson, Craig and Andrea

Singleton, Bill and Mindy

Siskey, Mark and Christine

Small, Lenora

Smith, Jan

Smith, Nancy

Smith, Rob and Vivian

Smoak, Kayla

Spangler, Hank and Sandra

Spearman, Hoyt and Phyllis

Spicer, Russ and Karen

Stair, Lanette

Stansfield, Jerry and Kathy

Steele, Jack and Melanie

Stephenson, Pete and Deb

Stevenson, Bill and Donna

Stewart, Joanne

Stewart, Mark and Karen

Stewman, Stew and Pat

Stief, Ben and Jayne

Strange, Allan and Susan

Strauss, Marty and Martha

Stromer, Jared and Nichole

Strong, David and MC

Sulak, Carol

Sullivan, Bill

Tarasuk, Paul and Marilyn

Tarkett, Leo and Linda

Tefft, Ilo

Teich, Mark and Gretchen

Thoburn, Ted and Sandy

Thompson, Ron and Madeline

Thompson, Sloan and Christina

Tibke, Richard and Cheryl

Tinnerholm, Karen

Tompkins, Linda

Toon, Brett and Heidi

Tracy, Judd and Marlayna

Tramuta, Rick and Karen

Traywick, Bernie and Carmen

Truman, Nancy

Tyson, Rick and Cathy

Ullery, Carole

Underwood, Rick and Micki

Valler, Joe and Sherri

Vann, John and Beth

Vanwegen, Eric

Vaux, Roberts

Ventura, Bob and Sharon

Villar, Arthur and Coyla

Waddington, Elaine

Wade, Bonnie

Wade, Dan and Sandy

Wagner, Art and Lallie

Wagner, John

Wakefield, Rick and Linda

Walther, Michael and Stefanni

Ward, Allen and Kim

Ware, Allen and Amanda

Watson, Jim and Becki

Watt, Jack and Ginny

Weathers, Rick and Rebekah

Weaver, Barbara

Weaver, Greg and Amy

Weaver, Terry and Tillie

Wehner, Herb and Sue

Welchman, Steve and Holly

Wells, Harry and Audrey

Welpott, Steve and Joyce

Wenzel, Astrid

Wheat, Aaron and Kristi

Wheat, Bonnie

Wheat, Joe and Susan

Wheland, Thomas

White, Sherry

Whitmore, Tom and Judy

Whitney, Dick and Mary

Wickman, Maggie

Wildman, Mark

Wilhite, Tim and Kim

Wilkening, Walt and Shirley

Williams, Fallon and Veronica

Williams, Robert and Lori

Wilson, Anne

Wilson, Cayla

Wilson, Stephen

Wilson, Steve and Ellen

Winders, Kira

Wires, Jeri

Withers, Joe and Eileen

Wittmann, Jack

Wolstencroft, Michael and Gay

Wood, Dan and Debbie

Yancey, Jim and Vera

Young, Shawn

Zane, Bob and Becky

Zemkowski, Jim and Frances

Zingales, Sal and Renee

Zokan, Joe and Diana