ABOUT: Our Approach

There are four principles that guided the formulation of the approach for The Present for The Future campaign.

- Spiritually Based - 

The true intention and spiritual motivation for The Present for The Future is the Great Commission - bring the good news to those who have not yet heard it.  We do not want to get distracted by pledge totals and other campaign process issues.  We are investing now, so that in the future many will hear the Good News for the first time.  Daily prayer, inspiring testimonials, and a sustained commitment to sharing the Gospel are the essential foundation elements for the success of The Present for The Future.  

- Inclusive - 

To receive a pledge from every household in the parish and every family with a child attending Cross Schools would be phenomenal.  It is desirable, but not likely and certainly cannot be guaranteed.  What can be guaranteed is that every household and family will be given the opportunity to learn about the campaign in a private setting during a confidential meeting.  They will be asked to “prayerfully consider” supporting the campaign by someone who has already made a pledge commitment to The Present for The Future.  

- Transparent -

Other than revealing pledge amounts or the names of donors, everything about The Present for The Future is or will be public knowledge.  Through this web forum essential campaign news and information will be recorded and distributed regularly.  Answers to frequently asked questions are available here.

- Joyful -

We share out of joy.  We serve with joy.  We grow together in joy.  In our joy to share, serve, and grow we are one with the Holy Spirit.

ABOUT: The Steering Committee

There is no single factor more important to a capital campaign’s success than its Leadership.  The Present for The Future is fortunate to have a highly skilled, deeply motivated team leading the effort.  The leadership framework follows the Servant Leadership model.  Over the next several weeks the core leadership team will be supplemented by additional volunteers who come forward to serve.   Follow the link to the volunteer form

Campaign’s Co-Chairs

Judy and Stew Brown:

… have been members of The Church of the Cross for 12 years.  Judy has been an active member and past president of the Daughters of the King and serves regularly as a Sacristan, Sub Deacon and Reader at the 10am service at the Historic Church.  Stew manages the ushers for the 10am services, has served on the Connections team, has been Treasurer of The Church of the Cross, is presently on the Finance Committee and is serving his second 3-year term on Vestry. 

Joanne and Frank Byrd:

… joined The Church of the Cross shortly after moving to Bluffton 16 yrs. ago as they found The Church of the Cross to be just what they had been seeking in a church home.  Their faith journey really began with the church when they both attended Cursillo together in 2005.  Since that time, Frank has served with the Food Bank, God’s Goods, The Men of The Cross Board, and currently serves as Chairman of Cross School Board.  Joanne has also served in various ministries including the Food Bank, God’s Goods, Cross Christian Women’s Board, and currently co-leads the Stephen Ministry Program.

Elaine and John Parker:  

John and Elaine joined The Church of the Cross a little over 9 years ago when they felt the presence of the Holy Spirit at their initial Sunday service.  Elaine serves as Docent and as the Coordinator for Pastoral Care Ministries.  She has also served as the President of the Daughters of the King.  John was on the Board of the Men of the Cross and served as the Senior Warden of the Vestry.  Currently he is the Chairman of the Mission and Outreach Modelers and Models and serves on the Board of Cross Schools.  They feel truly blessed walking hand in hand on their Christian journey with the other members of our parish family.

The Steering Committee is composed of the chairs and leaders from several other committees and teams supporting the campaign effort.

- The Communications Team -

This team is responsible for providing clear, consistent information about the campaign.  Its primary communication tools are a weekly eBlast distributed on Tuesday and the campaign web page. 

- The Spiritual Committee -

This committee provides the spiritual grounding for the campaign.  Their job is to ensure that the meaning and focus of the campaign remains on the Great Commission and is consistent with our Mission.

- The Kick-off Celebration Committee -

The campaign will be ready to shift into high gear soon after the New Year.  To mark the occasion, there will be a church wide event to announce, with fanfare, the beginning of the major campaign effort.

- The Pledge Outreach Teams -

Volunteers who are calling on fellow Parishioners are organized onto three teams.  Each team is composed of volunteers who have made their campaign pledge and were trained by our consultant to invite others to support the campaign.  The work of these dedicated members are the cornerstone of a successful campaign.  Please keep them in your prayers. 

- The Cross Schools Committee - 

Active participation in the campaign among families with children at Cross Schools is important to the campaign’s overall success – today and tomorrow.  Bringing the campaign to Cross Schools requires a significant volunteer effort that is best organized around the facility, school activities and families attending and participating in school activities.  A parallel campaign committee has been established to focus on this important campaign constituency.  Nikki and Kevin Sevier and Carmen and Bernie Traywick, both parents of Cross Schools students, have agreed to lead this part of the campaign.

ABOUT: The Feasibility Study


Campaigns conducted by James D. Klote & Associates adhere to a time-tested methodology that has been proven successful for over two decades.  There are two distinct phases in a Klote-directed campaign.  The first is the Readiness Assessment which is then followed, when warranted, by a Capital Campaign.  The results of the second phase have a strong causal relationship to the Readiness Assessment.  That is, campaign results are highly dependent on successfully conducting the assessment, the results of which are presented in the Feasibility Study. 

A well conducted Readiness Assessment provides the foundation for a rewarding campaign.  The assessment has the ability to convey a sense of vision when members, friends, and associates thoughtfully evaluate opportunities and barriers with the intended purpose of formulating a path forward.  More than just assessing the state of “readiness” to conduct a campaign, the assessment identifies problematic areas and/or topics, increases the understanding of planning options through broad involvement and helps to identify new leaders.

A Readiness Assessment was conducted at The Church of The Cross over a six week period beginning in mid-June and running through late July.  The results were reported in a two volume Feasibility Study submitted on August 8th. 

Feasibility Study, Vol 1                   Feasibility Study, Vol 2